Where I Come From

Sarah Sherrard Band – Where I Come From
  1. Where I Come From
  2. Next to You
  3. I'm Getting There
  4. Paint This Town

Release Details

Label : Unsigned
Country : United States

Album Credits:

  1. Where I Come From (Written by: Sarah Sherrard/Joel Sherrard)
  2. Next to You (Written by: Sarah Sherrard/Joel Sherrard)
  3. Getting There (Written by: Sarah Sherrard/Joel Sherrard)
  4. Paint This Town (Written by: Sarah Sherrard/Tom Rexford/Joel Sherrard)

Produced by:

Peter Keys & Sean Giovanni (The Record Shop)


Sarah Sherrard (Lead Vocals/Back-up Vocals)

Mark “Sparky” Matejka (Lead Guitar)

Anthony Lai (Rhythm Guitar/Mandolin/Back-up Vocals)

Eddie “Cowboy” Long (Steel Guitar)

Peter Keys (Piano/Organ)

Robert Kearns (Bass Guitar)

Jeff “Shakey” Fowlkes (Purcussion)

Special Thanks to…

Ryan Battishill – Think Marketing – Fenton, MI (Album Artwork/Brranding)

Jacqueline Smojver – Jacqueline Marie Studios LLC – Brighton, MI (Photography)

Eric Morgeson – Studio A – Dearborn, MI (Mastering)

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